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If you have found my little piece of Chalk Couture heaven you must be getting ready to attend a Chalk Couture class in Canada or maybe you would are looking for the next class in your area. Whatever it is you will find everything you need to know about Chalk Couture classes right here!

I love to hold all types of classes with people. From from make and take to online classes I am your chalk chick! So let’s talk chalk classes.

First, what kind of class are you looking for? I offer a few different options and I am always open to exploring any creative ideas you may have. So if you don’t see an option here that fits you feel free to contact me and share your idea. I have no doubt we can make something work!!

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Chalk Couture

Chalk Couture Class in Canada

Demonstration Classes:

If you chose to attend a demonstration class, I will set up and show you how each product works. You will see how to apply the transfers properly, proper removal and cleaning, how to best store them for late use as well as anything else you may need you know. You will also learn how to use the our super cute squeegees to apply Chalkology Paste and Chalkology ink, and which one is best for different projects. I will even show you a few of the numerous surfaces that work well with Chalk Couture products and trust me you will be amazed at all the wonderful things you can create.

Make and Take Classes:

I just have to say this is probably my favorite type of Chalk Couture class in Canada. At a Make and Take class you will learn all the same fun stuff as a demonstration class but you will also have the opportunity to make your very own Chalk Couture project. This type of class can be done a few ways. I will preorder the same project for everyone to complete together or I can just show up with a wide variety of different projects and allow everyone to chose their favorite. The best part about this type of class is, of course, taking home your very own Chalk Couture piece. And I just love watching everyone get exited about their own creativity. If you are going to attend a Chalk Couture class in Canada, this is the one I would suggest.

BYOB Classes:

I just know that once you start using Chalk Couture products you won’t be able to stop. For this very reason, I offer a BYOB, Bring Your Own Board, option. Now this is kind of why I love Chalk Couture, I can create a beautiful piece and when I am bored with it, simply rinse and repeat!! Right? How fun is that!! When you decide you want to change up your Chalk Couture project simply spray it down with water and wipe it away. Then attend a BYOB class and create a new design. This is a great way to start out with a simple design and gradually grow in to the more detailed and layered looks without having to buy more boards.

Online Classes:

On the joys of technology!! You don’t have to live next door to your favorite Chalk Couture designer! We can meet online and create together! I will send you every thing you and your friends need to make wonderful projects and then we will meet up on Facebook live so I can demonstrate and answer any questions you may have.

chalk couture transfers in canada

These 4 classes are only the beginning! I can’t wait to share all the fun chalky goodness with everyone! If you are looking to attend a Chalk Couture Class in Canada contact me today. Be one of the first to enjoy this amazing, brand new to Canada product!!

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