Beautiful Glass Etching with Chalk Couture 1

How did I not think to try glass etching with Chalk Couture sooner?

There are moments where I am completely blown away but something so small. Like those little glass blocks with the figure etched inside. I remember my daughter loved how they light up and she was sure she should collect them all. And all I could think was how do they do that? Who thought of this amazing little creation that brings such joy to my little girl?

Do you ever look at someone’s creativity in awe? I have seen some amazing pieces since I started with Chalk Couture. Not only do we have amazing, creative people at headquarters but we also have so many creative designers coming up with some super ideas. So I really should not have been surprised when I saw a designer using glass etching cream to create beautiful etched glass. I knew I had to try it myself and of course share it here with all of you!

Have you considered all the possibility with Chalk Couture? If you have an amazing out of the box idea please let me know! I love trying new ideas!! Just contact me right here and maybe your idea will become my next blog post!

Glass etching with Chalk Couture

To be honest with you I have never tried etching glass before I was introduced to Chalk Couture and I really hadn’t no idea just how easy it would be. Or how beautiful it would turn out. Here are a couple easy steps to glass etching with Chalk Couture.

  1. Choose a glass surface. For this example project I choose stemless wine glasses. I love personalizing these for friends and family.
  2. Clean your glass really well. Wash with soap and water, rinse well and dry. Pretty simple!
  3. Choose a transfer. I love to use the mini transfers. They are the perfect size for the wine glasses and there’s some many options with just one transfer. You can get them right here!
  4. When using the minis I like to cut them on the cut lines and the mark the back of each little transfer with a description. This way after I clean them I know which one fits on each backer pieces.
  5. Peel the transfer off the backing and fuzz well. You can use a towel or a fuzzing cloth but for these little ones I generally just use my pant leg or my shirt sleeve. Since I am putting these on glass I really like to fuzz 4-5 times.
  6. Next I will position the transfer on the the glass paying attention to the edges of the screen. I want to make sure that all the edges are sealed well with no bubbles for the the etching cream to seep through.
  7. Using a squeegee I smear the etching cream over the transfer. Do not go off the transfer or you will create etching where it’s not needed or wanted.
  8. Now I let it sit for a good 10-15 minutes.
  9. Next I just run it under some cool water and peel off the transfer. Don’t for get to clean your transfer and dry it for next time.
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That’s it, if you have followed these steps to glass etching with Chalk Couture you should have a beautiful design etched right in to your glass. This will stay put forever, it doesn’t wash off and it looks amazing!!

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Glass etching with chalk couture