Chalk Box from chalk couture

The Wander Florals Chalk Box from Chalk Couture is a the perfect little accent to your home decor. Let me tell you all about this sweet little Chalk Box.

Wander Florals Chalk Box from Chalk Couture

The Chalk Boxes are a great way to dip your toe in the big exciting Chalk Couture world. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to decide what all you should order. Chalk Couture Chalk Boxes take everything you need to create a project and wrap it up all in one package!!

In this Chalk Box Kit you will find

I would also recommend adding a squeegee to your order!

With the Wander Florals Chalk Box from Chalk Couture you are free to let your heart wander as you create a beautiful bouquet. You will have complete creative control while you decide the placement and colours of your flowers on the Pallet Board Surface. I recommended that you also purchase a squeegee as well.

Chalk box from Chalk Couture

This Chalk Box comes with a non reusable surface. It is always best to wax this type of surface before use. Click here to learn how to prep wood for Chalk Couture products.

Click here for a Chalk Couture sample

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Chalk Couture Wander Florals
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