Chalk Couture 2022 Spring/Summer Starter Kit 1

Find out all out the new Chalk Couture 2022 Spring/Summer Starter Kit It is well known that Chalk Couture products are sold exclusively through Independent Designer. As a Chalk Couture designer we have the freedom to sell in-person and online. We can sell DIY products to help others to create unique, fun home decor or we can use the products to create beautiful handmade finished pieces to sell. Chalk Couture is a truly versatile business made for anyone. And today I am here to tell you all about our Chalk Couture 2022 Starter Kit.

Chalk Couture 2022 Spring/Summer Starter Kit

There are so many benefits to becoming a Chalk Couture Designer. My favourite is the community and friendships I have built but shopping at a 40%, yes 40%, discount is a close second. So not only can you purchase the Chalk Couture 2022 Spring/Summer Starter Kit at an amazing price but then you can continue supplying your new craft addiction at 40% off retail. I mean does it get much better?

Chalk Couture offers 2 amazing starter kits. Let me show you what you will get when you purchase the standard Chalk Couture 2022 Spring/Summer Starter Kit. I highly recommend this kit to everyone. It is the best deal you will get on Chalk Couture products.

Standard Kit Contents

  • 6 Chalk Transfer designs in various sizes
  • Club Couture monthly Transfer
  • Bright White Chalkology Paste (3 US fl. oz. jar)
  • 12 Chalkology Paste Singles in various seasonal colors (.19 US fl. oz. each)
  • Couture Gallery™ Aiden Style White Frame (9” x 12”)
  • Couture Boutique® Board & Base (Black, 5” x 7”)
  • Couture Boutique Chalkable Chips (Black, 12-Pack, 3”, Round)
  • Color Trays (24-Pack)
  • Small Squeegee
  • Mini Squeegee
  • Multi-Tool
  • Fuzzing Cloth
  • Designer Start-Up Guide
  • Spring/Summer ChalkStyle Catalog 2022
  • Chalk Couture Apron
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This starter kit is packed full of everything you need to get started creating with Chalk Couture right away.

For anyone on the fence about becoming a designer we do offer a basic kit. This kit comes with less Chalk Couture products but still carry’s all the benefits of becoming an independent designer. You will still benefit from the amazing Chalk Couture designer community as well as the designer discount. And you will still have access to building your very own Chalk Couture empire.

Chalk Couture 2022 spring summer starter kit

Business Basic Kit Contents

  • Designer Start-Up Guide, Spring/Summer ChalkStyleCatalog 2022
  • apron
  • one business builder Transfer
Chalk Couture 2022 Spring/Summer Starter Kit 2

Ready to jump into Chalk Couture? You can grab your starter Chalk Couture 2022 Spring/Summer Starter Kit right here. Have more questions? Reach out to me through email or any of my social media and I will gladly help you find answers.

Chalk Couture Canada sample
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