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As business owners we all know that there are some risks involved in running a business. And it is really no different when the business you choose to run is a direct sales business. So let’s count down what I feel are the top 5 risks of owning a Chalk Couture business because that just happens to be my business of choice.

Risks of a Chalk Couture Business

5. Spending too much time crafting. This can become a real risk when you run a Chalk Couture business. Before I started with CHalk Couture I hardly ever took the time to craft. I was busy working and cleaning and watching tv. Now, let me tell you I craft!! And when I craft my kids craft and we spend time creating amazing pieces with our own hands. And this leads me to number 4 on my list

4. Open conversations with your family! This is a very unexpected risk. I have 2 teenagers in the house and 2 “grown” boys who have moved out and are living large on their own! Have you ever tried to have an honest open conversation with a 16 year old girl? Phew, it can be exasperating! But since I started my Chalk Couture business we spend lots of time together, willingly! My whole family helps me prepare for workshops, my daughter always travels with me to vendor events and there is always so much conversation without forcing it.

3. Amazing friendships! I just the last month alone I have met at least a dozen new friends and have reconnected with many old friends as well. It is truly amazing how easy friendship blooms when you start creating things together. So many laughs and good times had while we are busy chalking up new goodies. I have also had the good fortune to meet some of the most amazingly supportive people through my Chalk Couture business.

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Top 5 Risks of Owning a Chalk Couture Business 1

2. Exceptional support system. The Chalk Couture company as a whole is wonderfully supportive. Designers help each other out whether they belong to each other’s teams or not. But my team from the tippy top leaders to the amazing girls working it with me have been a huge support. A not just in the business but in life as well. Advice and pep talks as well as an ear to vent to when life gets tough. These people are helping me become the person I always believed I could be. So if you are looking for wonderful, supportive people in your life Chalk Couture may not be for you!

Number one risk to owning a Chalk Couture business. Although the above risks are high the biggest risk to your own chalk Couture business may just be creating a life you love. Every day I get to wake up and do a “job” I love. I create beautiful home decor, teach workshops to amazing people and help a pretty amazing group of people to create their own Chalk Couture business.

If you are ready to jump in and risk it with Chalk Couture you can click here to join right now! If you by chance want to chat about how these risks could effect you and your life click here to contact me today.

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Top 5 Risks of Owning a Chalk Couture Business 2