Chalk Couture Club Couture

Chalk Couture Club Couture is the club you want to join! Why? Well because it is the best DIY high end home decor delivered right to your door every month.

What is Club Couture?

Chalk Couture Club Couture is a fun way to have amazing, exclusives Chalk Couture projects delivered to your door every month. The exclusive transfers are available only to Club Couture members and not available to purchase anywhere else. This is the hottest craft subscription box around!!

What’s in this Craft Subscription Box?

Check out all the super exclusive items available to Chalk Couture Club Couture members.

  • An exclusive B-sized transfer specifically designed to be on trend, in season and one of our hottest styles available. And you can’t get it anywhere but through this amazing craft subscription box! Retail value is $14.99US/$19.99CAD
  • 3 coordinated paste singles to create your beautiful new masterpiece.
  • Access to a how-to complete your Club Couture project and a printable PDF instruction sheet.
  • FREE shipping!! Gotta love the free stuff right??
  • Extra special deals and offers for Chalk Couture Club Couture members only!! As a Club Couture member you will have the opportunity to order the discounted KickStart Kit, participate in bounce backs, special discounts and other super secret sales!
  • And last but not least, exclusive to Chick ‘n Chalk Club Couture members you will receive access to my super secret VIP group for more specials and even some giveaways!!

I also recommend to have Bright White Paste on hand as well as your choice of a 9X12 surface and any extra tools you may want. When you first sign up for Club Couture you can order the Kick Start Kit, which will give you everything you need to create month after month.

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Club Couture Additions

When you first sign up for your craft subscription box with Chalk Couture there are a few things you can add to your order.

First, you can add the current month’s Club Couture transfer of the month, if inventory allows, and have it shipped immediately for $26.99CAD plus shipping.

Secondly, you can choose to add the Kick Start Kit to your order for $93.49 plus shipping. This is a great way to ensure you have all the supplies you need to begin creating when your first transfer of the month arrives.

When you subscribe to Club Couture you will not be billed for the subscription until the 5th of the following month. For example, if you were to start your craft subscription box in January, you would be billed February 5 and your Chalk Couture Club Couture transfer of the month would ship in February.

*The Kick Start Kit and the current months transfer are only available at the time of enrolment with Club Couture. Both these items will be billed and shipped immediately and will have regular shipping charges applied.

Check out this month’s Club Couture Transfer

Chalk Couture Kick Start Kit

Now let’s talk about what is in the Kick Start Kit. It is filled with everything you will need to create high end diy decor each month when your transfer arrives. The kit includes:

Remember this is only available at this price with your initial Club Couture Subscription.

Get the Craft Box Subscription Started

So ready to jump in? Visit my online store and choose Club Couture from the menu. That’s it! Once you are officially enrolled in Club Couture I will send you a personal invite to my VIP group so you can enjoy all the deals and fun freebies!!

Looking for more information on Chalk Couture products or the Chalk Couture business opportunity? Contact me today and let’s talk chalk! And for more Chalk Couture tips and inspiration join me on Facebook!

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