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Did you know that you can shop, host and join Chalk Couture in Canada? If you were like me and a lot of other people I know, you have probably been stalking Chalk Couture since it launched in the States a couple years ago. And you were probably thrilled when it finally made its way into Canada in the spring of 2019! But maybe you are not like me, maybe you have just discovered Chalk Couture and now you are wondering what the buzz is all about!! Well let me tell you all the reasons you will fall in love with Chalk Couture!

Chalk Couture in Canada

Fall for Chalk Couture in Canada

  1. It is so super easy to use! Now I am not an overly creative person or at least that is what I have always thought. I come from a very crafty family but just couldn’t find what I was good at. Then I tried Chalk Couture and wow! I can create the most beautiful things and it is so easy. Literally just stick, smear and peel and viola a stunning new piece of home decor!!
  2. It’s so quick! I have tried many crafts and hobbies but because I am short on time (you know kids, husbands, pets and of course work) I sometimes struggled to finish a project. However, since I have started chalking I have completed (and helped others to complete) many amazing projects! It takes up such a small amount of time that anyone can fit it in to their schedule. And it is so relaxing to do! Which leads me to my next point…
  3. Crafting is so good for the soul! I am serious with this! Taking a few moments to create something amazing with your own hands is so revitalizing and uplifting! Once you start you just never want to stop. I find it relaxing and it really helps to clear my head. Crafts and hobbies also tend to bring families together. So..
  4. It creates family time! My teenage daughter (and son) both love to create with Chalk Couture. When I bring out my chalk they both join me for a few moments. Either to see what I am creating or to make something of their own. It gives us a chance to visit and catch up with each other’s lives and children tend to talk freely when they are focused on something other then the conversation at hand. Pulling teenagers in and having open conversations isn’t always easy. So that is a major reason to love that fact that we have Chalk Couture in Canada.
  5. It washes off! Yes! Chalkology paste will wash right off of most surfaces. So you can create a beautiful piece which, once dry, will not wipe off like regular chalk but also with a little spritz of water it will wipe clean. You can choose one amazing Chalk Couture surface and then change it out as the seasons change. Changing up your home decor without much effort at all.
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5 Reasons Why You Will Fall in Love with Chalk Couture in Canada 1

These are just 5 of many reasons to fall in love with Chalk Couture. I could go on and on about all the reasons why I love Chalk Couture but I am sure you get the idea. Having Chalk Couture in Canada has been an amazing adventure for me! Which leads me to a little bonus reason!!

#6 Chalk Couture has opened up an opportunity for me to create an income right from my own home. Keeping me here with my kids and available to be there for the important events in my families lives. If you would like to learn more about the Chalk Couture business opportunity click here or get in touch with me by clicking here! I love to help everyone reach their business goals!!

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