Chalk Couture Ink in Canada

There are just so many great transfers and projects that Chalk Couture offers and sometimes it is nice to keep those special pieces permanently. That’s where Chalk Couture Chalkology Ink comes in.

You may be wondering what is Chalk Couture Ink? Well, it is a fun way to use the Chalk Couture transfers and make them permanent  once you heat set the ink it will no longer wash away with water.

So how do you use Chalk Couture Ink? It is just as simple and easy as the Chalkology Paste. Choose your surface, chose your transfer and smooth on the ink with your squeegee. Remember to wash your transfer immediately after use, especially when using ink.

Chalk Couture Ink Canada

Once you have your ink all in place you will need to heat set it to make it permanent. There are a few ways you can heat set your project you will want to choose the option best for for the surface you are using. You can use a craft heat gun, an iron or a Cricket EasyPress which is one of my favorite ways to heat set. Once you have heat set your project it is dishwasher and laundry safe.

Where to buy Chalk Couture Ink in Canada

The uses for our ink are really quite endless but a few examples of what to use Chalk Couture Ink on, clothing, fabric and soft surfaces work best. It is always best to test a small area before applying Chalkology Ink to any surface.

With a wide variety of colors many often ask just how many Chalk Couture Ink colours is there? We do offer an assortment of colours with 35 colors currently available online of from a Chalk Couture designer in your area.

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