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And so here we are! Officially launched and all set to blow Chalk Couture out of the water here in Canada. But first, let’s cover how to price a Chalk Couture Make and Take class in Canada to create value for your customers while building your business.

With so many exciting new things to learn and do with this amazing DIY product you will want to jump right in to hosting classes!! From hosting classes to selling finished products to building a hot Chalk Couture team! There are so many ways we can build our awesome new businesses and that’s what makes Chalk Couture such an amazing opportunity!

If you have found your way here and are looking to host a Chalk Couture class you can contact me by clicking here. As well, if you have made your way to this page and are not a part of the amazing Chalk Couture business but would love to chalk for your money go ahead and click here to join the fastest growing Canadian team. Or contact me here and we can chat about all the greatness that comes with being a Chalk Couture Designer!!

Price a Chalk Couture Make and Take Class in Canada

Your Chalk Couture business is just that, YOURS! So you have the freedom to build and sell how you want. Pricing your make and take class can be done however you like, this is just a guide to help you make a profit. After all, that’s why we are building our little chalk enterprises!

First piece to pricing is your chalking supplies. This is a pretty basic cost to consider when you are planning but be sure to include everything in your price. Most people will forget to add in the shipping or tax when figuring out cost. This can eat a sizeable chunk of your profits so don’t forget to add that all in.

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Once you have your actual supplies cost you will want to figure out the cost for your time and expertise as well as any extras you may need. Things like paying for a space, providing snacks and beverages as well as the cost to get where you need to be should all be included in your make and take price.

Here is how I price a Chalk Couture Make and Take class Canada. Find the price of your supplies by adding the price plus shipping and tax. For the surface and transfer I charge full price and shipping and tax. I believe it is good idea to allow customers to purchase their own transfer, use it and then take it home.

Sharing can work but if the transfer gets stretched or ruined before everyone has a chance to use it that could be upsetting to the ones left out. As for some of the other supplies it is best to divide the cost amongst the guests to keep costs down a bit. I do like the single pastes for a class as well.

I have created a reference graphic that you can keep on hand to use to price a Chalk Couture Make and Take class in Canada. I have come across a few great references but they all seemed to be in US funds. This one is based on Canadian funds and the Canadian Chalk Couture prices.

Canadian Chalk Couture Make & Take Price Guide

Price a Chalk Couture Make and Take in Canada

When you price a Chalk Couture Make and Take class in Canada you will want to find a good balance to cost vs price. Don’t sell yourself short, you are offering to teach a new skill, providing a fun memorable time and sending people how with DIY pieces they can enjoy.

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