Wow! Them with This Chalk Couture Reverse Canvas! 1

The Chalk Couture reverse canvas is so simple to create and yet it turns out so beautifully every time! From a simple dollar store canvas to a stunning piece of home decor you can be proud to show off! The reverse canvas is the next piece you have to create. And I am about to teach you exactly how to make your own.

Chalk Couture Reverse Canvas

Gather Supplies

Before you start you may want to gather all the supplies you will need. Unless you are like me and prefer to dig around for what you need as you go. Either way, I have created a list of what you will need to create your Chalk Couture reverse canvas.

  1. Scissors
  2. Stapler
  3. Exacto knife
  4. Stain
  5. Canvas
  6. Chalk Couture Transfer
  7. Chalk Couture Paste
  8. Chalk Couture squeegee

I stopped in at my local Dollarama and picked up a simple 9×12 canvas for this project. I was amazed with how it turned out. You could choose a better quality canvas but since this was the first attempt I thought dollarstore was ok!

Be sure the canvas you choose is the right size for your Chalk Couture transfer and prepare to create something amazing!!

Get To It

Now let’s just get busy and do it. Honestly, this will be quick and easy and you will be so thrilled with how it looks! And I will show you pictures the whole way! Easy peasy!

First, you will cut the canvas off of the wooden frame with the exacto knife. Some people like to take the staples all out but I did not as they will be covered when you are finished. If you want to remove the staples that can be done fairly easily with any flat tool. Personally, if I were removing them I would use a butter knife and just pop them out.

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Chalk Couture reverse canvas

Now that you have the canvas removed from the frame you can give the frame a coat if stain. I did notice some rough spots on the wood so I gave them a quick sand before I stained. I choose a dark stain because I love the contrast of the dark against the white canvas but this is all open to interpretation! Grab whatever paint or stain you like and create something personalized!

Wow! Them with This Chalk Couture Reverse Canvas! 2

Next you will need to cut the canvas down. You can see where the canvas has been wrapped around the frame, that is what you want to cut off. If you have a good hand with scissors it is very easy to cut through but another great option is a ruler and the exacto knife. Just cut all the extra off and move on o the next step.

Wow! Them with This Chalk Couture Reverse Canvas! 3

Once the stain on your frame is dry flip it upside down and staple the canvas on to the back of the frame. It is best to do this before you put your decor on the canvas as it will be easier to line up. Once you are done flip it back and viola there you have a beautiful reverse canvas ready for some chalk!

Wow! Them with This Chalk Couture Reverse Canvas! 4

Chalk It Up

Now this is where the creativity can flow! Line up your transfer on the canvas, smear your chalk paste and peel it up! There you have it, a beautiful Chalk Couture reverse canvas worthy of hanging on any of our walls or gifting to friends and family.

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