Chalk Couture Transfer Sticky Again

Did your transfer lose it’s sticky? Don’t worry I can show you how to make your Chalk Couture transfer sticky again.

I love that I can reuse my Chalk Couture transfer up to 15 or 20 times! Part of the fun is seeing just how many different projects you can create with one transfer. So far my top number is 20 with one transfer. Which was awesome when I was creating welcome signs!

I was able to cut and stain 20 boards and then just start chalking! I made so many porch signs for friends, family and markets that I attend  such a popular piece! And so fun to make.

Now when I was chalking 20 pieces there were times when my transfers got a little less sticky. I was giving them a quick wash in between signs but sometimes they just required a little extra care to make Chalk Couture transfer sticky again.

Chalk Couture transfers are meant to be reused 10-12 times but with a little luck and some extra care you can sometimes stretch that number. If you have just purchased a new transfer and are finding that it is not sticky click here to see how to fix it. Or feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you fix the issue.

So what should you do if your transfer loses its stickiness? It is possible to make Chalk Couture transfer sticky again.

Part of keeping the transfer sticky is making sure you are using it properly. If you are new to chalking click here to check out how to use a Chalk Couture transfers. Proper care is the key to getting as many uses from your transfer as possible. Be sure to clean your transfer between uses and don’t leave the Chalkology Paste to dry in the silkscreen.

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If you have not had a chance to try Chalk Couture yet be sure to get your sample here!!

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Make Chalk Couture Transfer Sticky Again

So, you have cared for your transfer and kept it neat, clean and tucked safely away but it doesn’t seem to be as sticky anymore. Now what? Really the answer is pretty simple.

You simply pull the transfer off the backing and gently wipe with a Clorox disinfecting wipe. I actually just do this as part of my clean up. After soaking the transfer in a quick water bath, I give the sticky side of the transfer a quick wipe to dry it, then gently wipe off the excess fuzz with a Clorox wipe. Keeps the transfer sticky for many uses.

If your transfer has no more stick I have heard of some people using a light spray adhesive. Lightly spray the surface you intend to use and smooth the transfer over it. This is not something I have personally tried yet but it could work in a pinch.

If all else fails it may just be time to order a new transfer and I can help with that as well. Click here to go check out my online store to order all the Chalk Couture goodies! And check frequently for new, fun projects! You just never know when you may need a new transfer or chalk paste!

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