Chalk Couture transfers

I am so excited to finally have Chalk Couture available in Canada! I was so happy to get my hands on Chalk Couture transfers and Chalkology Paste and start procraftinating

While I was waiting I started learning as much as I could about this new fun product and let me tell you there is lots to learn and see. So many amazing Chalk Couture projects out there. Part of the fun of is the variety of transfers available, but choosing your transfer is just the beginning. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about Chalk Couture Transfers in Canada.

What Are Chalk Couture Transfers Made Of

Chalk Couture Transfers are adhesive vinyl silkscreens. The silkscreen keeps all those intricate little details, in your picture, perfectly in place. The transfers are washable and reusable!

How To Use Chalk Couture Transfers

Your transfer will come with a backing on it, the first thing I suggest is marking the back of your backing so it is easier to place the transfer back on when you are finished. Next it is a good idea to set your transfer on the surface you are using and get it lined up how you like it. This just saves peeling the transfer off and on when trying to line it up later.

Now, that you have it all lined up and ready to go on you can peel the backing off your transfer. If you are working with a brand new Chalk Couture Transfer it is a good idea to do what we refer to as “fuzzing.” To fuzz your new transfer place it on a lint free cloth and remove it. This helps make your transfer less sticky so it holds it shape as you pull it off when you are done.

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Now just place it on your surface, press on and smooth it out. Make sure you have it nice a flat with no air bubbles. Spread your Chalkology paste on to the transfer to finish off your project. Then carefully pull the transfer off your surface. That’s it! That’s how to use chalk Couture Transfers. Pretty easy, right?

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Chalk Couture Transfers

How to Clean Chalk Couture Transfers

Transfers are very easy to clean. Once you have finished with the transfer run it under some cool water to rinse away any left over chalk paste. Do not allow your transfer to soak in water as this will remove the adhesive on the back. Lay it sticky side up on a dish drying mat on a flat surface to dry quickly. Once it is dry you may also want to wipe it down with a disinfectant wipe to remove any excess residue and rejuvenate the sticky side

Now you are ready to place it back on your paper backing that the transfer originally came on. This is the best way to store your transfer.

Chalk Couture transfers Canada

How to Store Chalk Couture Transfers

As you can see from above it is best to store your transfers on the original backing once they are all cleaned up. Once you have them back on their paper backing it is best to try and store them flat and somewhat organized. We have a nice portfolio type bag that fits the chalk couture transfers perfectly so if you plan to travel to shows and classes this is perfect. You can also pick up art portfolios on Amazon that would work well to. If you are planning to keep your transfers stored at home for your personal use you can easily store them on a shelf or in a bin nice and flat. I have even seen a few designers hang them with clothes pins on a clothes hanger. Works like a charm! I think the important thing to remember is to keep them flat and not bent. It could be hard to reuse a transfer with kinks and bends in it. That’s all you need to know how to store chalk couture transfers.

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Chalk Couture Transfer of The Month

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Where to Buy Chalk Couture Transfers in Canada

There are a few ways to buy transfers in Canada.

1. Place your order online. Click here to view the website and shop.

2. Find a local Chalk Couture Designer and shop their selection and order from the catalogue

3. Join Chalk Couture and shop at designer prices. Click here to learn more.

Chalk Couture is the place to be and if you are looking for more chalk goodness come find me on Facebook for tips, tricks and chalk fun! Click here to find me!


Chalk couture transfers