Chalk Couture Watercolour; Beautiful and Easy 1

Have you seen Chalk Couture watercolour?

It amazes me sometimes just how versatile Chalk Couture is. For someone who is just finding their creativity, Chalk Couture gives you the ability to create beautiful home decor pieces with little to no crafting experience. And for those who have huge amounts creativity flowing through them already, Chalk Couture provides an outlet to create and rethink the normal uses.

From basic stencilling to advanced techniques like Chalk Couture watercolour, you have the ability to create almost anything you can dream up. Nothing stands in your way of flexing your creative muscle when you use Chalk Couture products.

Chalk Couture Watercolour

This works on any surface, I have even seen some people use Chalk Couture ink and water color on fabric. However, for today’s project I picked a flat canvas. I am absolutely in love with these Boho flowers and wanted to create a collection with all the flowers.

Chalk Couture Watercolor supplies

  1. Chalk Couture transfer
  2. Chalkology paste in a variety of colours including black
  3. Chalk Couture squeegee
  4. Chalk Couture Colour trays
  5. Small paint brush
  6. Flat canvas

Chalk Couture Watercolor steps

So here are the steps to creating a Chalk Couture watercolour of your own.

  • Choose a transfer to use. We have a few transfers that work beautifully for this technique. The Boho flowers work nicely as does the Lotus flower and the Namaste elephant. I am certain you will find something that you love just go over and take a peek online.
  • Next you will want to get all your supplies ready and set out. I have included a list of material above.
  • Now you are ready to start. Because I am using a canvas and a transfer that has been used a couple times I did not need to fuzz my transfer. However, this is an important step before you start on other surfaces. You can learn more about fuzzing a transfer here.
  • Now place your transfer on your canvas in your desired position.
Chalk Couture Watercolour; Beautiful and Easy 2
  • Spread a thin layer of chalk paste. I prefer to use a lighter coloured chalk paste for this step but you can really use whatever colors you have on hand.
Chalk Couture Watercolour; Beautiful and Easy 3
  • Peel up your transfer to reveal the outline
Chalk Couture Watercolour; Beautiful and Easy 4
  • At this point you should have a nice outline of your project. Now we can mix the Chalk Couture watercolour. Choose your chalk paste colors and place a small dab of each colour into individual containers. I like to use the Chalk Couture Colour trays they are the perfect size and super easy to clean a store for next time. Now add just a small spritz of water to each tray. You want to water your chalk paste down until looks like coloured water.
Chalk Couture Watercolour; Beautiful and Easy 5
  • Take a paint brush and paint in each space on picture. Once you are finished the entire picture let it dry really well. If you are impatient like me use a blow dryer and lightly blow dry the whole thing.
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Chalk Couture Watercolour; Beautiful and Easy 6
  • Here is the best part! By now you will have a somewhat nice looking picture, so lay the transfer back over your project and spread black chalk paste over it. Peel up the transfer and admire your beautiful Chalk Couture watercolour.
Chalk Couture Watercolour; Beautiful and Easy 7

I am always so amazed when I pull up that transfer. Every time! It never fails to impress me when I create anything with Chalk Couture products. It seems to turn out beautifully each and every time!

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