Chalk Couture Welcome signs

Porch signs have been very popular for awhile now so it is really no surprise to see Chalk Couture welcome signs popping up all over. I love to drive down the streets when we are out and about and see not only the Chalk Couture welcome signs but also the hand painted and other unique porch signs.

Chalk Couture recently launched a Welcome Sign Post transfer, however designers have been creating welcome signs for longer then the transfer has been around. Now with the new transfer we can create two different types of Chalk Couture welcome signs! Check these out!!

Chalk Couture Welcome Signs

First let me show you all the Chalk Couture welcome sign post transfer! It is easy to use, lines up nicely on your board and hasn’t the option for some fun seasonal add ons. This transfer is one of our E-sized or 18”x24” transfer.

I know these large transfers can be a little intimidating but never fear this one breaks down into smaller sections to work with. Also if the bigger transfers worry you check out this article with tips to help you with larger transfers.

So let’s take a look at what I think is the easiest way to tackle the signpost transfer. When you receive your transfer you will notice it has a split down the middle as well as each letter is divided. Now instead of cutting out each letter individually just cut right down the middle.

By cutting down the center you can set the letters on your board three in a row. Place the W, E, L, C first and next place the O, M, E. You will notice that there is also a nice flower that you can use in place of the letter O. In my opinion this is the easiest way to line up the letters evenly.

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To create this Chalk Couture Porch sign you will need:

  1. Welcome Signpost Transfer
  2. Chalk Paste in desired color
  3. Chalk Couture squeegee
  4. 1×8 or 1×10 stained to desired color

For even more fun with your welcome sign pick up these great Welcome signpost add-ons. Click here to find them.

Check out this video demonstrating another way of creating Chalk Couture Welcome Signs using the Welcome sign post transfer.

More Chalk Couture Welcome Signs

Another fun way to create a Chalk Couture Welcome sign is by using Monogram letter transfers. This is my favourite way to create a welcome sign! I purchased all the letters to spell out welcome and (this is why I love these letters) go away on the flip side!

Using the monogram letters I am able to create all kinds of double sided porch signs with matching font. These have been my most popular pieces this summer so far. Using the monogram letters is easy to! Not quite as easy as the Welcome Sign post transfer but still easy enough to do.

I marked the center of each transfer and lined that up with the middle of my 1×8. I lined the bottom of each letter to the top of the next letter so my spacing between letters is always fairly equal. Then I create each letter one at a time.

To create this welcome sign you will need:

  1. Monogram letter
  2. Chalk Paste
  3. Squeegee
  4. 1×8 or 1×10 board stained
Chalk Couture welcome signs

Another great thing about the monogram letters is there are many other projects you can use them for! So stay tuned as I will be sharing more great ideas!

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Chalk Couture welcome signs are super fun and easy to make. Once you create one you will find yourself making them for all your friends, family and neighbours. And the beauty of using Chalk Couture transfers is they are reusable. So you can make porch signs for everyone using only one set of transfers!

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Chalk couture welcome signs