Chalk Couture with Glitter, Effortlessly!! 1

Yes!! You can make shimmering, beautiful pieces using Chalk Couture with glitter and it looks spectacular!! When July’s exclusive Club Couture transfer appeared in my mailbox I just knew it was perfect to shimmer and shine out in the sun!! So we picked up a sweet little wooden kids Adirondack chair to create a beautiful summer Chalk Couture chair!

How to use Chalk Couture with Glitter

Step 1

Prep your surface. For this particular project we were prepping previously painted wood. To see how we prep old wood click here, if you are using a new piece of wood check out How to Prep New Wood for Chalk Couture.

Step 2

Gather your supplies. Make sure you have your Chalkology Paste, fuzzing cloth, squeegees, glitter and transfer all set out and ready to go. When you use Chalk Couture with glitter you need to work a little faster then normal. But no worries, if you mess up you should be able to wipe it off and redo it.

Chalk Couture with Glitter, Effortlessly!! 2

Step 3

Now fuzz your transfer really well. Take the protective backing off of your transfer and place sticky side down on a cloth and peel off Do this a couple times. Why fuzz your transfer? Click here to find out!

Chalk Couture with Glitter, Effortlessly!! 3

Step 4

Place your transfer in the desired position on your surface and smooth out any air bubbles.

Chalk Couture with Glitter, Effortlessly!! 4

Step 5

Smear your Chalkology Paste over the transfer and scrape off any excess.

Chalk Couture with Glitter, Effortlessly!! 5

Step 6

Pull your transfer up. Remember not to pull on the diagonal but to lift and pull up to prevent stretching your transfer. Click here to learn how to use Chalk Couture transfers.

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Step 7

Now sprinkle your glitter over the wet Chalkology Paste and carefully blow off any excess glitter. And tah dah!! You have made your first Chalk Couture with glitter project!

Chalk Couture with glitter

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Chalk Couture with glitter