Chalk paste dried out

This year I have been running lots of workshops. Generally, this means lots of people opening and passing around my Chalk pastes, which is great! This is why I do workshops. So people can experience all the colours and techniques with Chalk Couture without having to purchase everything themselves. Sometimes passing around results in Chalk paste dried out. But I don’t mind it is pretty easy to fix.

Chalk Paste Dried Out?

Chalk Couture Chalk paste should be the consistency of sour cream or yogurt. Nice and creamy and smooth. This helps it to spread easily across the transfer and also hold the moisture long enough for you to finish. If it has started to dry out it will be thick and hard to smear and will also dry before you can pull the transfer off.

If your chalk paste dried out it is very easy to fix. Just add a couple drops of distilled water and stir. Keep adding just a touch of water and continue stirring until it reaches a nice consistency. That’s it. Pretty easy fix.

Chalk Paste REALLY Dried Out?

Ok, so maybe you had the unfortunate experience of forgetting to tighten the lid on to your chalk paste? No? Just me then? Well just in case it ever does happen to you never fear! I have done this and my paste has survived to create another day!

If your chalk paste dried out to the point it is almost solid mass we can still bring it back to life. It will take some time and a little patience but it is doable. First things first, put just enough water in the jar with your solid chalk that you can visibly see it. Now close the lid and leave it sit overnight.

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By morning some of the water should be absorbed in to the chalk paste. Try and give it a stir and break up the the paste into smaller pieces. Then add a little more water, close the lid up and leave it sit overnight again. Keep repeating the process until the chalk paste is easily stirred.

This process has worked for me in the passed. I have also heard some people actually add water and place the jar in the microwave for a few seconds at a time. I have not tried this technique myself but will consider testing it out if I ever have the situation arise.

It is likely best practice to not allow your chalk paste to become so dried out that it is a solid block of chalk but things happen, right?

Here are few tips to keeping your chalk creamy and smooth.

  1. Always clean off the sides of your jar when you are done using the chalk paste.
  2. Spritz the top of your paste with a little water before closing up to store away.
  3. Protect it from the cold (click here to learn how to save frozen paste)
  4. Never leave the jars open for long amounts of time. Close it up between uses.

Chalk Couture has an amazing line of high end diy home decor products and the paste is only just the beginning. If you love Chalk Couture be sure to come over and find me on Facebook. We share tips, tricks and lots of crafty chalk ideas.

Looking for something more? There is so much you can learn about Chalk Couture and you will find a lot of information right here on this blog. However if you have a question that you can’t find the answer for fill out my contact form and I will help you out. You can find the form by clicking here. Happy Chalking!!

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