Shadow Effect with Chalk Couture Transfers

Create a shadow effect with Chalk Couture for your next home decor project. Chalk Couture is a simple, fun and easy home decor DIY company. You can use Chalk Couture products to create endless pieces for you, your friends or even to sell. There are so many fun techniques to use. When you create a shadow effect with Chalk Couture your projects really pop!

Create a Shadow Effect with Chalk Couture

To create a shadow effect with Chalk Couture you need to start by choosing a surface. For this particular project I choose a surface I had built myself. You can read more about how I built this surface here.

Once you have a surface you will want to choose two coordinating Chalkology Paste colours. Chalk Couture has many colours you can choose from. For my project today I chose pink and purple. I have seen this done with blue and orange, white and black, really the colours choices are endless! Click here to check out all the available colours.

Now you will need a Chalk Couture transfer. When I create a shadow effect with Chalk Couture I prefer to use a transfer with a simple, clean design. If you choose a transfer with lots going on it can look a little busy when you are finished. For the project I am doing today I chose a Font transfer. Check out this font transfer here.

So now that we have all of our supplies gathered we can start. So to begin to create a shadow effect with Chalk Couture you will do your first layer. Fuzz your transfer and position it where you want on your surface. Smear the Chalkology paste color that you want as the shadow across the entire screened area of the transfer. Peel up the transfer and allow the chalk to dry.

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If you are impatient like me, you can use a blow dryer to dry the paste quickly. Once it is dry we are ready to move on to the next step. No place your transfer over your design but shift it just a little to one side. Smear your main colour over the screened area of the transfer and pull up to reveal your shadow effect design.

This is a pretty simple technique to use to make your project stand out just that little bit more. And the beauty of Chalk Couture transfers is you can reuse them! So you just have to wash it up between layers and keep on going. And you can continue to use it up to 12 times so you can make signs for everyone!!

Just a couple quick tips to make this project easier.

  1. If you find the bottom layer of Chalk paste is pulling up when you do your second layer try a little wax between layers. This will help seal the bottom layer in place. Chalk Couture has a finishing wax that works very well with our products. You can find it right here. You can also use minwax finish paste found at your local hardware store.
  2. Make sure to clean your transfer between layers with cool water. Make sure it is completely dry before moving on to the second layer. To learn more about caring for your transfers click here.
  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. There may be small mishaps that you think stand out and ruin your project. However, chances are you will be the only one to notice the imperfections. Others will just see the beautiful home decor that you created. So be proud and love what you made.
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Chalk Couture is a super fun and easy way to create beautiful things. To see more interesting techniques check out these articles:

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For more great tips, tricks and inspiration come join me on Facebook. I can’t wait to show you more Chalk Couture fun!! Click here to follow me now! I hope you enjoyed learning how to create a shadow effect with Chalk Couture.