FAQ joining Chalk Couture in Canada

Chalk Couture in Canada FAQ

Have you been considering joining Chalk Couture in Canada? I became a Chalk Couture designer during prelaunch in Canada in the spring of 2019 and it has been an amazing adventure from the beginning. We are the fastest growing double Couturier international team in Canada and I personally believe it is because of the amazing support we all receive. If you want to join Chalk Couture take a few minutes and read through these FAQs to see just how amazing this company is.

What does it cost to join Chalk Couture?

The cost to join is reasonable and both kits are jam packed with everything you need to get started. When joining Chalk Couture in Canada you have the option to purchase one of 2 amazing starter kits! First is a small kit for $19 and the second is a bigger kit for $129. Click here to see what is all included in each kit.

Is there a discount on Chalk Couture designer purchases in Canada?

Yes! You absolutely get a discount on Chalk Couture as a designer! Actually, you get a 40% discount! Yes! I said 40%! When you become a designer you will have your very own back office to order all Chalk Couture products at 40% off. The prices in your back office reflect the price you will be paying so you just add to your cart and enjoy the savings!! That alone makes becoming a Chalk Couture designer more then worth it, but there is more!!

After joining Chalk Couture in Canada, you will receive a coupon to use as well. With this coupon you will receive 15% off one purchase!! This coupon combined with your designer pricing gives you approximately 50% off!  Half price Chalk Couture in Canada?? Umm, yes please! Click here to learn how to join Chalk Couture!

How much do Chalk Couture designers make?

First is your commission/discount. Any orders that you place directly in your back office you will get at 40% off retail. You can resell those products at retail price and earn 40% commission on every sale!! Also, when someone makes a purchase directly from your Chalk Couture replicated site you will earn 25% commission.

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You can also earn Designer Dollars! For every 200PV you earn per month you will earn 20 Designer Dollars(DD)! So for example, if you earn 900PV in one month you would recieve 80DD. These DD can be used for great hostess rewards, team incentives and giveaways at markets!! Really the possibilities are endless!!

The Chalk Couture Canada compensation plan has many earning opportunities!

What Canadian provinces will be joining Chalk Couture in Canada?

British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and Ontario!! Get excited because if you live in one of these provinces you can click here to join us, right now! For now those are the only provinces joining Chalk Couture in Canada. However, it is hopeful Chalk Couture can be available in more provinces later.

Can I sponsor US residents to be on my team?

Yes! We can sponsor internationally! So if you have friends in the US that love crafts or are looking to earn an income from their craft hobby be sure and share this amazing opportunity with them! If you are in the US and want to join our team click here and join the fun!!

Is commission paid in US or Canadian dollars?

Designers in Canada will be paid in Canadian dollars.

How will Chalk Couture help me as a new designer?

After you join Chalk Couture you will receive amazing support and training to help you find success. Here are a few resources offered directly from Chalk Couture:

The “Bonjour” email series is a 6 week series guiding you through what to do to get you business up and running.

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A weekly welcome call will cover the basics of doing business such as how to place an order, how to get in touch with Designer Services and answer to some commonly asked questions.

Chalk U is an online training academy where you can learn about selling, sponsoring, leadership and personal development.

This is just a few of the ways Chalk Couture helps us as designers grow and build a business we can be proud of. Check out more in the video below.

Why should you become a Chalk Couture designer with our team?

Chalk Couture in CanadaAlthough, Chalk Couture offers incredible support and training to new designers it is still important to find a team that will work to help you grow beyond your dreams! What we is help and support in growing your online presence through social media, blogging, and offline. We will have our very own social media for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Help in sponsoring new designers as well as helping you support new designers.

We have a supportive Facebook community where you can go to find inspiration, motivation and answers to most questions. During prelaunch I will also add you to my uplines group to support you in getting ready to launch in Canada. In addition, I am always available to team members by messenger, email, team Facebook group or text. You will love being a part of our Chalk Couture family!

Joining Chalk Couture in Canada?

Now that you are ready to join Chalk Couture, whether in Canada or the US Click here and choose your kit now! That’s it! Once I am notified that you have joined I will reach out to you to offer support! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me! I am here to help you! Click here to contact me.