Frozen chalk paste

Frozen chalk paste, it happens! It seems around these parts winter comes early and stays long. Come October we are starting to get to freezing temperatures on some nights and it’s all down hill from there. Unless of course you like the cold weather. I mean I guess there are some positives like skiing, sledding and hot chocolate. However, I am not thrilled with winter or the cold miserable weather. And to top it off frozen Chalk Paste is not fun!

Winter also means I finally have some extra time for markets and workshops. So I spend a lot of evenings and weekends loading my Chalk Couture in to my vehicle and traveling around. I love it! I love sharing Chalk Couture with more new people and helping them to create beautiful gifts and memories. However, sometimes I get home late and forget a few things in the vehicle. Who am I kidding, I forget stuff even in the middle of broad daylight!!

After one late night workshop I thought I had packed everything back in to the house but somehow I missed one tote. Said tote carried all my chalk paste and it stayed out in the below freezing temperatures all night long. And of course, by morning I had a whole stack of frozen chalk paste. Needless to say I was not happy. As I opened each chalk paste I felt more and more unhappy with myself. How could I have forgot every chalk paste I owned? And what was I going to do to fix all this frozen paste?

Thankfully it did not take me long to figure out how easy it is to fix your frozen chalk paste. And let me tell you I was super excited to see that with very little effort all my chalk paste return to normal.

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Fix Frozen Chalk Paste

The very first thing I did when I discovered my frozen chalk paste was to pull it all out of the container I store it in and set it out on my kitchen table. I gave them space to warm up and left them overnight. By morning they were all thawed out but the paste was not 100%.

Next I brought all the paste over to my kitchen sink and one by one I opened them up and give them all a good stir. As I was stirring each one I slowly added a bit of distilled water to each one. Just a couple drops at a couple drops at a time until each chalk paste was back to its normal consistency! And I was ready to chalk something beautiful!

So although it is best to keep your chalk paste tucked away safe and warm if it happens to freeze you can still fix it. If you forget it in the car or it gets delivered while you are out and it ends up frozen don’t stress just fix it.

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