Fuzzing a Chalk Couture Transfer

If you have been checking out Chalk Couture at all you have probably heard many of us say, “Make sure you are fuzzing a Chalk Couture transfer!!” Seems like an odd statement to someone who is new to Chalk Couture, right? You may be wondering how to fuzz a transfer? And why do you need to fuzz it?

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Fuzzing a Chalk Couture Transfer

How to fuzz a Chalk Couture Transfer

Fuzzing a transfer is a basic and easy step you should do for most every Chalk Couture project. The only time it is not necessary is when you are using cloth material, like t-shirts and pillow cases.

Fuzzing a Chalk Couture Transfer? How to and Why?? 1

To fuzz your transfer simply place it on a towel or even better, a fuzzing cloth (purchase here). Stick it on and pull it off 3 or 4 times before placing the transfer on the surface you intend to chalk on.

It really is just that simple!

Why Fuzz a Chalk Couture Transfer

The reason behind fuzzing a Chalk Couture transfer is simple. When you first purchase a transfer it is extremely sticky. If you stick it to a surface without fuzzing it you risk having the transfer rip, stretch or leave bits behind on your project.

By fuzzing the transfer you make it less sticky. Now you can place your transfer on your surface and it will seal nicely but pull up easily when you are done. Creating those nice clean lines on your beautiful piece.

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If you choose to do a project on a wood surface it is important to prep the surface properly before chalking. Click here to learn how to properly prep wood.

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Fuzzing a Chalk Couture Transfer? How to and Why?? 2