Noodle board stove cover
How to Build a Noodle Board Stove Cover 1
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I have a love of all things farmhousy, is that even a word? Well, regardless, I have always had a love of farmhouse home decor so when I came across these beautiful noodle board stove covers that so many people were making I knew I had to know how to build a noodle board.

Being the not so crafty person that I am, I was a little concerned with how my attempt would turn out. But thanks to Chalk Couture not only did I build a noodle board, I was able to personalize it to match my kitchen decor. I am absolutely in love with every noodle board stove cover I have created since. And they are super easy to build! Check it out!

Build a Noodle Board Stove Cover

Step one: Cutting

There are many options for which boards you can use but I personally prefer 1×6 pine for the base and 1×4 pine for the handles. Starting with the 1×6 cut four piece at 30” each. Next cut two pieces at 22”.

Step two: Sanding

Give each board a light sanding with a high grit sand paper. I used 220 to give it a nice smooth finish for the stain.

Step three: Staining

Choose a stain colour. You can usually find every possible colour at your local hardware. My current favourite is a weathered wood grey. And bonus it’s a quick dry stain so I can be ready to assemble the noodle board stove cover in under an hour. I use a paint brush to brush stain on and then wipe with a dry rag to finish.

Step four: Assembling

Lay all four 1×6 together and set both the 1×4 in place under the 1×6. You will want to run your screws from the bottom of your noodle board so they are not visible on the top of the board. Next we clamped the 1×6 together to help keep everything nice and snug together and ran 2 screws through each 1×6 in to the 1x4s.

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You should now have a piece that basically resembles a noodle board. To finish assembling take two handles and add to the center of the 1x4s. I found some cute handles that allowed for us to screw them on from the top. If you find ones that have to be installed from the bottom just predrill your holes from the bottom of your boards.

That’s it! If you have followed these steps you now know how to build a noodle board!

How to Decorate a Noodle Board

Decorating a noodle board is fun and so easy with Chalk Couture. There are so many options available to decorate a noodle board with Chalk Couture transfers and chalk paste. Follow these steps to a beautiful noodle board to suite your kitchen decor. Click here to visit my Chalk Couture online store to see all the amazing designs options available.

  • Choose a transfer. I suggest the C, D or E sized transfers. Chalk Couture transfers are quick and easy to use and they are all reusable 10-12 times. Even more if you are careful. You can find a large selection right here.
  • Choose your coordinating chalk paste colors. Chalk Couture has a variety of colors to choose from. Take a look here.
  • Now I like to prep my wood with a little finishing wax. I have found this helps when trying to clean up any mistakes. So just take a small amount of miniwax natural finishing wax and smear on to the wood. Let it sit a few minutes and then buff it out.
  • Peel your transfer off the backing and fuzz on your fuzzing cloth.
  • Position the transfer in your desired position on the noodle board.
  • Smear your paste over the transfer and pull up the transfer to reveal your design.
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How to Build a Noodle Board Stove Cover 2

How to Seal a Noodle Board

Because your noodle board will likely be in a high traffic, high mess area of your home you will want to make sure it is well sealed. There are a few ways you can seal your noodle board. I will share 2 that I use myself.

1.If you are not planning to prep food you can seal a noodle board with regular clear coat. I suggest using the spray on stuff as the paint on clear coat can smudge your chalk designs.

2. If you are planning to prep food on the board you can seal a noodle board with Tung oil. You will want to do at least 5 coats following the instructions on the can.

I am certain there are many more ways to seal a noodle board but these two have worked well for me.

When you build a noodle board it can be fun and rewarding and they make an amazing addition to your home decor. For a free printable instructions on how to build a noodle board click here.

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Noodle board stove cover