Build a Farmhouse sign

Farmhouse signs are popping up everywhere! And they are fast becoming one of my favourite DIY home decor pieces. These signs are quick and easy to make but they sure make a high end statement in your home. Check out the instructions on how to build a farmhouse sign of your own.

Build a Farmhouse Sign


  • 1/8” Hardboard (I bought a 4’ by 8’ sheet)
  • Pine 1”x2” (I picked up a bundle)
  • Dark brown stain. I used the color espresso
  • white paint
  • stapler
  • staples
  • paint brush
  • rags
  • Chalk Couture transfer
  • Chalk Couture Chalk paste

Build a Farmhouse Sign

I initially bought all these products for a Chalk Couture workshop I was setting up. This turned out to be such a fun and easy project it is now something I offer monthly to my clients!!

We started by cutting our hardboard in to smaller pieces. The workshop I was putting on was for our C sized transfers which are 12×18. So to account for the frame we cut the hardboard in to 15”x21” pieces. I use “we” lightly here, my husband actually does the majority of the cutting for my projects but I am always there making sure he does it right.

Once we had our farmhouse signs cut out of the hardboard I painted them white. I did try both, white spray paint and white latex paint, I preferred brushing the paint on over spraying. Experiment with both and see which one you prefer, there really is no right or wrong way.

I only did one coat of paint as I wanted the brown from the hardboard to seep through and give it a more rustic appearance. I was not disappointed! It turned out better then I had hoped for!!

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How to Easily Build a Farmhouse Sign 1

While I waited for the paint to dry on the hardboard, I stained the 1x2s with the dark stain. For this particular size it took one board per sign. So if you are only making one sign you will only need to stain one 1×2. I prefer to stain the board and then cut it but it’s perfectly fine to cut your frame lengths and then stain them.

After everything had a chance to dry I cut the 1×2 to create the frame for my painted hardboard. We cut two pieces at 21” long and two at 12”. You could also go to at 15” and two at 18” depending how you want your frame to line up. I choose to not make 45° angles on my cuts because I like the simple look of straight cuts.

How to Easily Build a Farmhouse Sign 2

Now we assembled the farmhouse signs. We started by lining up one 1×2 piece with one side of the hardboard and flipped it over so we could staple them together. Then continued around the board until all the 1x4s were connected to the hardboard.

Flip it all over and there now know how to build a farmhouse sign. Now comes my favourite part. Turning your blank farmhouse sign in to a beautiful piece of home decor that you can proudly display in your home.

How to Easily Build a Farmhouse Sign 3

Decorating Your Farm House Sign

If you head on over to my online store you will find a multitude of Chalk Couture Transfers that you can use you personalize your Farmhouse sign. For this particular project I used the C size transfers but you could definitely play with your sign size to suit any of the transfers available

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While you are over browsing my store take a look at the Chalkology paste. It comes in many colours and we are always adding to the collection. There is a difference between chalk paste and chalk paint. I like our paste because it is super easy to use, very washable and works perfectly with our transfers.

How to Easily Build a Farmhouse Sign 4

Once you have your paste and transfer in hand you are ready to start creating a beautiful sign. Follow the steps on the back of your transfer to properly prepare for chalking. Don’t forget this transfer is reusable so peel it up gently when you are done, wash it in cool water, dry and place back on the backing paper.

If you have followed all these steps you should now have a new rustic farmhouse sign perfect for any home.

Do you like to create signs and other home decor? Contact me today to learn more about Chalk Couture products and the Chalk Couture business opportunity. Take your sign making business to the next level or get started creating an income right from your own home! Click here for more information on joining me.

Build a farmhouse sign