Chalk Couture virtual workshop

In this day and age it is not always easy to coordinate schedules to meet up with friends as often as we would like. So sometimes it is just easier to meet online and having a Chalk Couture virtual workshop is a great way to do just that. Forget about hiring a sitter, coordinating a place that works with all your friends and no worries if a little pandemic slips in the mix. Getting together virtually take a lot less energy and time to organize.

No more organizing a sitter or finding time to meet somewhere. Even better no more cleaning up before and after the fun. Everyone creates a beautiful piece of DIY home decor, drinks the beverage of their choice, snacks on whatever they want and gathers online to enjoy each other’s company.

So although I do prefer to create a time to gather with friends and chalk together it is nice to have the option of a Chalk Couture virtual workshop. And having a workshop online is not hard at all so let me show you the finer details.

How to Have a Chalk Couture Virtual Workshop

Order Your Project

First step is ordering a project for you all to do. We have made this super easy with Chalk Couture Try Me kits. These kits give you the opportunity to experience all the fun of Chalk Couture in one easy and affordable kit. Each of you can go online and purchase your own kit to have delivered directly to your own home. So now you can even include your long distance friends with no added stress of delivery the project yourself. These kits are perfect to use when hosting a Chalk Couture virtual workshop.

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You can learn more about these kits here.

If you these kits are not quite what you are looking for Chalk Couture has many other choices. Check out my online store to see 100s of options available for all your different tastes. If you decide to purchase each piece separately I do suggest adding a mini squeegee, Chalk paste (many colour choices available but I suggest at least a white or black) and a surface that fits your transfer size.

We have projects that are small 5×7 easy to do all the way up to intricate 18×24 more complex projects. Best part is these are completely washable so if you create a piece and decide it’s not exactly what you would like you can wash it off and add something different.

Choose a Way to Connect

There are so many ways to connect online with your friends. The best way to get together and make this feel like a real in person gathering is to choose a video conferencing app. I personally suggest using Facebook messenger video chat option or Zoom. These are both easy to use for a beginner or someone with lots of experience.

Get Together and Create

Now that you have set a date with your friends, ordered your projects and picked a way to meet up it’s time to create!! Bring on the drinks, snacks and fun with your friends while you enjoy the comfort of your own home. This is such a quick, easy and fun way to join together and have some fun with friend after you have put the kids to bed.

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Ready to organize a Chalk Couture Virtual Workshop of your own? Copy and share this link ( with your friend so they can choose a kit. Then choose your favourite way to gather online and enjoy some girl time with your ladies!

If you have any questions about Chalk Couture products or the Chalk Couture business opportunity contact me today.

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