Become a chalk couture designer

Chalk Couture has been sweeping the nation in a whirlwind flurry!! And I know, without a doubt that you are here to learn how to join Chalk Couture!! It is the hottest new craze in DIY home decor and it is simply a blast!! So much fun and excitement!! We are all sticking, smearing and peeling our way to business success and you want in, am I right?? Check out some FAQs about joining Chalk Couture here.

Why join Chalk Couture?

But first, why do you want to join this high end DIY frenzy?? For the friendships and community that comes along with joining force with a group of amazing, powerful and uplifting people?

Maybe for the interaction with fellow, crafty DIYers. I love getting out of the house to meet up with people and see all their creations!! It lights up my whole week!!

Or are you looking to build an income as a hobby? Or maybe part time to help pay for those dance lessons, sports teams and so many other things that our families live to do? Or if you are like me you are looking to replace that full time, day job income with something more exhilarating? So how do you do that? Just how do you join Chalk Couture and turn it in to the business you want?

How to join Chalk Couture

How To Join Chalk Couture

Once you have made the decision to become a Chalk Couture Designer the rest is pretty simple. Click here and choose your kit. For Canadian designers we have two options, there is a $19.99CND kit or a larger kit for $129CDN. US designers can choose the $99 kit. See what comes in the latest Chalk Couture starter kit here.

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What a lot of Canadian designers are choosing to do is purchase the $19.99CND kit and then use the 15% off coupon to build a kit full of products that suit their needs!! With the 15% off coupon that comes with all designer kits your first purchase can be 50% off retail!!

So now you know how to join Chalk Couture, so what is stopping you? When Chalk Couture launched in Canada I was right there ready to jump in with both feet. To say I was stoked is an understatement. I knew from the get go that this was where I needed to be, this is where I would find success and this is where I would grow big!

Join Chalk Couture

But that doesn’t mean I don’t understand how unsettling it can be to begin this entrepreneurial journey. So many questions and so many steps to take. I get it. I had those fears and worries as well. So when I say I got your back in this I mean it!! I am here to help you find whatever it is you want in Chalk Couture.

Whether it’s a hobby business or whether you are aiming Master Couturier I want to see you reach that goal! And we can get there with Chalk Couture.

How to join Chalk couture

Not only does Chalk Couture offer business training through ChalkU to help you learn all the ins and outs of Chalk Couture but our team also has an amazing team training portal full of social media training and business tools to help set you on the right path. As well as online group support to help answer any questions you may have and also personal help from me. I will be there with you to guide you toward success! Learn more about the most recent Chalk Couture Starter kit here.

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So let’s get chalking! Click here and get your kit. Let’s build an amazing Chalk empire together! If you have more questions or concerns please feel free to connect with me here! I am always ready to chat! Click here to contact me now!

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