make money with chalk couture

The brilliant minds behind Chalk Couture have made creating an income with their products super versatile. Headquarters really thought about everything when it come to showing us all how to make money with Chalk Couture. There are numerous ways to build a business after you become a designer and I am going to share my favourites with you.

How to Make Money with Chalk Couture

Selling Chalk Couture products

First and probably the one that most people think to use is simply selling the products offered by Chalk Couture. This can mean selling online using your Chalk Couture storefront, selling in person at vendor events or other markets or selling the products in whatever fashion you can think up.

Getting Chalk Couture products in people hands so they can make things is a pretty great way to make money with Chalk Couture. There is a huge selection of products available to resell and I have yet to come across someone who doesn’t love chalking pretty things.

Selling finished products

This is another great way to make money with Chalk Couture. Creating beautiful finished products to sell on Etsy, Facebook marketplace, in cooperative stores or at any local craft or vendor event. It is really wide open for you.

So if you are super creative or already creating signs and home decor to sell to others you may want to consider adding Chalk Couture to your collection. The transfers and chalk paste make adding those creative touches quick and easy!

Running Workshops

Ok, so with all the ways to sell Chalk Couture this one is currently my absolute fav! Hosting workshops is very similar to teaching paint nights. You gather a group of people and show them exactly how to create beautiful high end decor all by themselves. I host as many workshops in a month as I can because they are just so fun.

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Teaching Chalk Couture workshops is super easy as well. If anyone makes a mistake they can just wash it off, place the reusable transfer back down and give it another try. No worries about failed projects! And the people you get to meet, amazing!!

Teaching Others to Make Money with Chalk Couture

Chalk Couture also runs a typical Direct Sales model. So if you come across others who want to do what you are doing and make money with Chalk Couture you have the ability to add them to your team and help them grow.

And since Chalk Couture is such a versatile company that allows their designer to grow and sell in so many ways you will undoubtedly find many other people who will see value in the business. Then just be the supportive business partner that you would want to have working with you.

These are just a few examples of how to make money with Chalk Couture. If you would like in depth training on these plus many more ways to earn with Chalk Couture come join our team! We will show you everything you can do to be successful with Chalk Couture.

If you are interested in learning more about Chalk Couture products or the Chalk Couture business opportunity contact me today!

Make money with chalk couture