How to seal chalk couture

The true beauty of Chalk Couture, in my opinion, is the ability to wash the chalk paste off months after you have created a piece. I love that I can chalk seasonal decor on to my pantry chalk wall and change it out as I wish. However, some projects require you to know how to seal Chalk Couture and that is what I intend to show you today!

Since I started with Chalk Couture I have had the opportunity to help many people create wonderful home decor that they can proudly display in their homes. Some of my favorites are the reverse canvas Kitchen Conversions I made for my mother in law, the noodle boards I have helped numerous amazing ladies create for their kitchens and the porch signs!! All of these projects required us to seal the chalk paste so it could with stand repeated washing or the outside weather.

How to Seal Chalk Couture

It really is quite easy to seal Chalk Couture. Sealing your piece will depend on what surface you have chalked on. Chalk Couture pastes give you the freedom to decorate, well just about anything! So here is how to seal Chalk Couture on a few surfaces that I have had the chance to try.

How to Seal Chalk Couture on Wood

To seal Chalk Couture on wood I personally like to use a clear coat. First I make sure the paste is good and dry, usually leaving it for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Once I know the chalk has had a good chance to dry I take the piece outside and use a good spray on clear coat. I like to use the spray cans of clear coat as I have had trouble with smearing the chalk paste when using a paint brush to apply it.

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Depending on the piece I am sealing I will sometimes do a second or third coat of clear coat. For example, if I am sealing a noodle board I will put on at least 3 coats because the noodle boards are generally in the kitchen and take alot of washings. Check out how I build my noodle boards here.

Amazingly enough something like the porch board I will only put one coat on. It seems that if the chalk paste gets wet outside but is not touched then it will just redry in the same place. However, I still like to seal it just in case.

How to seal Chalk Couture on Glass

When it comes to sealing Chalk Couture on glass it really depends on which Chalk Couture product you are using. I have used chalk paste on glass and successfully sealed it with with mod podge. It was really quick and easy. I created a design on a coffee mug using our mini transfers and let it dry then very carefully applied dishwasher safe mod podge. Following thedirections on the bottle I successfully sealed and made the chalk paste dishwasher safe.

Or maybe you are wondering how to keep Chalk Couture ink place on your glass. This is actually quite simple. To seal Chalk Couture ink on glass you simply heat set the glass. Please be sure your glass is oven safe before heating.

To heat first allow the ink to air dry at the least overnight. Then place in a cold oven and set the temperature to 350, once the oven reaches temp leave for 30 minutes. Then you just shut the oven off and leave the glass to sit in the oven until it has completely cooled. That is it! that is how to seal Chalk Couture ink on glass.

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Another great way to keep your design on glass is to etch it into the glass instead of using paste or ink. To learn more about using Chalk Couture transfers to etch glass click here.

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