How to use Chalk Couture ink

What I love most about Chalk Couture is the chalkboard designs. I love that I can create a beautiful piece and a couple months later wipe it off and create a new beautiful piece. However, now that I have learned how to use Chalk Couture ink I am seeing a whole new world of design possibilities!

Chalk Couture has all these amazing collections called Chalk Stories and I love how the transfers in these Chalk Stories all coordinate so beautifully! And now that I have discovered how to use Chalk Couture ink I can use these stories to create beautiful coordinating home decor.

Starting with my favourite Chalk Story “Home Grown Collection” in my kitchen. I already had the Sheep on a nice Chalk Couture surface but I wanted to add some nice tea towels to the mix. Of course I have to use my chickens because they are seriously one of my most favourite transfers! So let me show you how to use Chalk Couture ink to make sweet home decor!

How To Use Chalk Couture Ink

  1. Find an appropriate surface for Chalk Couture ink. This can include most fabrics, glass and even wood and other hard surfaces. For this project I chose some nice tea towels that I picked up at the local big box store.
  2. Gather and prepare all your supplies. You will need: Chalk Couture ink, Chalk Couture transfer, a squeegee, blow dryer, an iron and the surface you chose above.
  3. To start I like to mark the back of the transfer so when I am finished and the transfer is clean I can place it back on to store it for next time. Check out this post on how to care for your transfer to learn more.
  4. Chalk Couture has this amazing ink mat that works perfect for this next step. However, you can use a piece of cardboard as well. Place your material on to the ink mat this prevents the ink from seeping through and also holds your material in place while you work. If you are inking in glass you can skip this step.
  5. Next peel the transfer off of the backer and fuzz it on a fuzzing cloth or a towel. If you are using a soft material you can skip this step. However, if you are using a glass or a really smooth surface you will want to fuzz the cloth a few extra times to prevent stretching when you remove the transfer.
  6. Now place the transfer on your surface in your desired position and smooth out any air bubbles. Take extra care around the edges of the design to make sure they are sealed well to prevent ink from seeping under.
  7. Once the transfer is all set you can scoop a small amount of ink on to your squeegee and smear it across the transfer. Keep wiping the ink across the transfer until the whole screened surface is covered.
  8. And now for the magic!! Peel up the transfer and reveal your design!
  9. I am a little impatient so next I like to take my blow dryer and dry the ink. If you are more patient you can leave it sit until dry usually over night is good.
  10. Next peel the material off of the ink pad and place some parchment paper over the ink and give a quick iron. I have found when working with material you really don’t have to heat set for very long. When inking on glass you will have to heat set a lot longer.
  11. That’s it! You should have a nice new piece to add to your home decor! And now you know how to use Chalk Couture ink!
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I love how versatile Chalk Couture products are from creating beautiful designs on reusable surfaces to inking permanent designs on all kinds of surfaces. There really is a project for anyone to love! If you enjoyed learning how to use Chalk Couture ink and would like to see more projects, tips and tricks using Chalk Couture products come join me on Facebook. Click here to follow me now.

How to use Chalk Couture ink