How to use Chalk Couture Transfers

Chalk Couture is a fun, trendy DIY home decor company sweeping through a neighbourhood near you! Chalk Couture offers exclusive beautiful transfers, Chalkology Paste, Chalkology Inks and surfaces ideal for all your DIY home decorating needs. Today, we are going to cover how to use Chalk Couture transfers. When used and stored properly your transfer can easily be reused 10 to 12 times!

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How to Use Chalk Couture Transfers

Step 1: Choose a Chalk Couture transfer, paste and surface. Although, Chalk Couture products work well with just about any surface you can think of, I find working with Chalk Couture surfaces best. These are beautiful pieces that are specifically created to use with Chalkology Paste, Ink and Transfers. We have numerous transfers to choose from in varying sizes from beginner to expert. What I love most about Chalk Couture is even if you feel like you are a beginner you can try the more advanced projects and if they don’t turn out how you like you can just spritz, wipe and repeat.

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Step 2: Now that you have decided on a project you will want to prep the surface and get started. Carefully peel your transfer off the backing paper. Pull the transfer from top to bottom not diagonally to prevent the transfer from stretching.

Step 3: This step is extremely important in order to keep your transfer and surface in good reusable condition. We call this step “fuzzing” your transfer. We have a nice little fuzzing cloth you can purchase here, the cloth has one side for fuzzing your transfer and the other side works beautifully for cleaning your surface. What you want to do is place your transfer, sticky side down, on to the cloth and the pull it up. Do this at least 4 times when using a brand new transfer.

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Fuzzing your transfer makes it a little less sticky so it will pull up nicely  when you are finished chalking. If you do not fuzz your transfer before using it you may stretch or tear the transfer as you pull it off. The only time you don’t need to fuzz is when you are chalking on fabric.

Step 4: Here is where things get fun! Simply place your transfer on your surface where you want it, smear your paste on, covering the whole screened in area and pull the transfer up. Again, when pulling the transfer off your surface pull from top to bottom and not on the diagonal.

And that is how to use Chalk Couture transfers, simply put just stick, smear and peel to create beautiful pieces for your home. If you are an avid crafter, Chalk Couture is a great addition to your habit! Come follow me on Facebook to see more great Chalk Couture tips, tricks and fun.

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How to Chalk Couture Transfers