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Chalk Couture coming to Canada certainly has created a buzz! I know I have had a lot of questions about my newest journey! I didn’t choose the chalk life, the chalk life chose me or at least that is how I choose to look at it! So why join Chalk Couture Canada?

Join Chalk Couture Canada

I have come up with 10 reasons to join Chalk Couture Canada to share with you! If you have a specific chalk related questions message me and we can chat chalk!

Quality, Fun Chalk Products

10 Reasons to Join Chalk Couture Canada 1

Everyone loves to get crafty and with Chalk Couture products everyone can create a beautiful piece of home decor. We have products easy enough for a child as well as more detailed projects for the seasoned crafters. Chalk Couture offers a great way to spend an evening crafting with everyone you love!

Discount Crafts and Decor

As a Chalk Couture designer you receive a 40% discount off all products available on the website! 40% off! Why join Chalk Couture Canada? For the discount!! Even if you are not looking to sell you can kitnap and enjoy the discount on your own purchases! No shame in a good deal, right?

Extra Monthly Income

Just like any other direct sales company it is possible to earn a nice monthly income with Chalk Couture. With an amazing 40% commission on all products you order and a 25% commission paid on all online orders it is possible to create a full time income right in your home. Join our team and we can show you how!! Click here to learn more about becoming a Chalk Couture Designer.

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Become a Leader

You can boost your monthly income by becoming a leader and developing your own team Chalk Couture team. As a leader you earn additional income from helping your team with sales and sponsoring. Although, personal sales are fundamental to your Chalk Couture business growing your team will definitely boost your income. Besides, who doesn’t  love helping other be successful, that is one of my favorite parts of Chalk Couture!

Be Your Own Boss

Like most direct sales companies, you can work your Chalk Couture business any way you like. Social media and blogging your game? Perfect! You can sell product from your replicated website or you can  create pieces and sell online. As an added bonus to joining our team we will provide social media training including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest!!

Selling online not really your thing? That’s ok to! Chalk Couture is so fun to showcase at local markets or you can build an incredible business doing Chalk Couture partys!

The best part is you can be successful in so many different ways. Just choose what works for you and go with it!

Friendship and Community

10 Reasons to Join Chalk Couture Canada 2

I did not hesitate to jump on board with Chalk Couture the minute I found out it was coming to Canada. I see it as an amazing opportunity to continue to connect with some of my favourite people online as well as a chance to meet more friends offline. My Chalk Couture family is helpful, supportive and caring and not just about Chalk Couture. We support one another in life and I love the friendships I continue to create with Chalk Couture.

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Joining in the Beginning

I absolutely love a ground floor opportunity! Being a part of Chalk Couture coming to Canada was a huge part of why I joined. Why join Chalk Couture Canada? Getting in at the beginning of any company is a big opportunity and doesn’t happen very often. Don’t miss the chance!

Do you want to get in at the beginning? Chalk Couture is currently sweeping through Canada! We are open for business in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick! You can become one of the first people to introduce Canada to Chalk Couture here in Canada! Click here to become a designer today!

If you still have questions or want to know more about Chalk Couture in Canada come follow me on Facebook! See you soon!

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