Join chalk couture in Newfoundland

That’s right! Chalk Couture available in Newfoundland now!!

As of January 11, 2020 anyone looking to join Chalk Couture in Newfoundland, Canada can jump right in a become a Chalk Couture designer today!! Since spring of 2019 Chalk Couture has been opening in provinces throughout Canada. And Newfoundland is the newest addition!

So why would you want to join Chalk Couture in Newfoundland? I mean besides the fact that it is THE fastest growing, high end DIY home decor company to hit Canada. But if you are looking for more reasons check out these posts:

Don’t want to join Chalk Couture in Newfoundland?

That’s fine! Not only can you join Chalk Couture in Newfoundland you can also buy all the Chalk Couture you could ever want!! You can hop online and shop directly from the website, right here, and have all the chalk goodies delivered right your door!

And now that Chalk Couture is available in Newfoundland that means you can all come join me on Facebook!! I share lots of tips and techniques as well as inspiration over on Facebook and I would love to see you there!! Click here to find my page!

One more very exciting piece of information… Club Couture will now be available in Newfoundland! Club Couture is an amazing monthly subscription box offered through Chalk Couture. You can learn all about it right here!

There it is! Newfoundland get excited Chalk Couture is about to sweep through! Jump on in and be the first to join Chalk Couture in Newfoundland! Click here to join right now!!

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If you are looking for more information on Chalk Couture products or have questions about the Chalk Couture business opportunity contact me today! I’m always excited to answer questions and talk chalk!