Layering Chalk Couture Transfers 1

Layering Chalk Couture transfers takes your project from DIY to DI-wow!! Home decor made using Chalk Couture products are always beautiful and unique there is no doubt about that. The mix of numerous colours and the many different techniques you can use to create outstanding pieces make Chalk Couture a fun and easy way to DIY your decor.

Chalk Couture offers many different transfers, paste & ink colours, surfaces and tools to create almost anything. From noodle boards and welcome signs to beautiful chalk board decor on high end chalk boards Chalk Couture can do it all! And today we are going to learn how layering Chalk Couture transfers can make your project really pop.

One of my favourite transfers to use that definitely requires layering is the vintage truck transfer. You can create the truck without any layering but if you really want your truck to stand out the layering Chalk Couture transfers helps a lot.

Layering Chalk Couture Transfers

Let’s talk about layering the vintage truck transfer. Here are the steps I follow to make this project go from nice to amazing.

  1. Gather your supplies. For this project you will need the Vintage Truck Transfer (make sure you check out the seasonal addons), variety of chalk paste colors, a surface, a couple squeegees, a multi-tool, a fuzzing cloth, scissors and water for clean up.
  2. Begin by marking the back of the transfer with a permanent marker. This makes placing the transfer back on the backing paper easier.
  3. Next peel the transfer off of the backing paper and fuzz it on your fuzzing cloth a good 3 to 5 times. To fuzz your transfer just place it on the cloth and pull it up. This helps keep the transfer from stretching when you peel it off of the surface.
  4. Now position the largest screened transfer on your desired surface. Always start with the part of the transfer that has the biggest screened area.
  5. Smear your desired colour of chalk paste over the screened area taking care to cover the entire screen.
  6. Peel up your transfer. Right now if you are using the vintage truck it’s really not going to look like much but hang in there we are about to make magic happen.
  7. Next you can either wait a few moments and let that layer really dry or you can take out your blow dryer and dry the chalk paste quickly. Make sure the paste is good and dry before moving on to the next step. While you wait for your Chalk to dry you can wash the transfer you just used.
  8. Now that your paste is good and dry I like to rub a small amount of wax over the first layer. I find especially when using the vintage truck that this helps keep all the chalk paste where we want it.
  9. You can now place the next layer over top of your first layer. Line it up carefully and smooth it down to avoid any air bubbles.
  10. Next smear your chalk paste over the screened area making sure to cover all of the area.
  11. Now peel up your transfer to reveal the beautiful vintage truck!
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Layering Chalk Couture transfers is a simple technique that livens up just about any piece you are working on. There are so many ways to layer different transfers to add dimension to your next design.

Layering Chalk Couture Transfes

Now go out there and get chalking! If you would like to learn more about layering Chalk Couture transfer check out my blog post on creating a shadow effect with your transfers. And if you need more transfers to practice this new technique sign up as a Designer and get 40% off your Chalk Couture supplies or check out my online store.

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