Chalk Couture ombré

There are so many different techniques available when using Chalk Couture products but recently I came across this technique and I really love it!! The Chalk Couture Ombré is super pretty and super easy!!

Chalk Couture is such an easy medium to use when you are creating beautiful home decor pieces. The multitude of Chalk Paste and Ink colours make customizing to your individual taste and matching your decor super simple.

Since the transfers are reusable you and your friends can all create the same piece with your very own twist. Personalize each piece with different colors, different Chalk Couture techniques or by using different parts of one transfer.

Chalk Couture Ombré

Chalk Couture Ombre

Ok so to create a Chalk Couture ombré effect first you will have to choose a transfer, a surface and some chalk paste colours. You will need a couple small squeegee and I also recommend a fuzzing cloth, scissors and water to clean the transfer when done.

Now that you have assembled your products you are ready to start. Here are the steps to create a Chalk Couture ombré.

  1. Remove transfer from packaging and mark the back so you can easily place the transfer on the backing to store when you are finished.
  2. Next peel the transfer off of the backing and fuzz at least 3 times. To fuzz your transfer just place it sticky side down on the fuzzing cloth and peel back up. We do this with new transfer to make them a little less sticky so they don’t stretch or stick when you pull it off your project.
  3. Now position your transfer on your surface and gently smooth out any air bubbles under the transfer.
  4. Smear your first colour choice over the top of the transfer making sure you cover all the silk screen part that you want to be that colour.
  5. Now leave a small gap and smear your next colour over the bottom of the transfer. Try to work quickly to avoid the chalk paste drying too much while you work. You can also check out other tips to stop chalk paste from drying in the transfer here.
  6. Next take your finger and swirl the two colours together to fill in the gap between them. This will create you ombré effect.
  7. Now peel up your transfer to reveal your Chalk Couture ombré.
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That’s it you should now have a beautiful ombré on your surface. One you try this Chalk Couture ombré once you will want to do it again and again. Next time try it with 3 or four different coordinating colors.

If you find once you peel up you reveal your ombré that it’s not quite how you were hoping it would look you can always wipe it off and try again. This is one of the things I love most about Chalk Couture. It so easy to remove and try again. Even if after months of hanging in your home you decide you want something different just spritz the chalk paste with a little water and wash it away. So super easy!!

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