Chalk Couture marbling effect

When I first started using Chalk Couture products I found I was always choosing easy, no challenge involved in projects. Small size transfers with washable surfaces just in case I made a mistake. But the beauty of Chalk Couture is in creating and challenging yourself to do and try new things.

Which my dear daughter was not at all afraid to do. She was the first to tackle the marbling effect with Chalk Couture and although it did not turn out quite as she had hoped it did give us the little push we needed to try new products.

Marbling effect with Chalk Couture

Step 1: Choose 3 or more colours for your marble effect.

Step 2: Position your Chalk Couture transfer on your surface

Step 3: Blot each colour of chalk paste over the entire transfer screen. Just dab small amounts of each colour in a random pattern being sire to cover the entire screen area.

Step 4: Use your squeegee to smear and scrape the access chalk paste off of the transfer. You can save the mixed together colours in an extra container to use later as well.

Step 5: Pull up your transfer and reveal your beautiful marbling effect with Chalk Couture! This is where the magic happens!!

If you pull up your transfer and are not completely over joyed with the marbling effect you can easily wipe it off and start again. This is why I love Chalk Couture so much. You have complete creative freedom without the fear of commitment!

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Chalk couture marbling technique