Mirror effect with Chalk Couture transfers

Using Chalk Couture products you can create simple beginner designs and you can create intricate more advanced designs. The mirror effect with Chalk Couture transfers may appear to be more complex and advanced but really it is quite simple.

I discovered this little trick when I was creating some winter themed door tags for a gift. I had this super cute small reindeer and I wanted to make him a little friend. It seemed odd, however to have them both facing the same direction so I flipped the transfer and manage to make them look like a sweet reindeer couple. And viola I discovered the mirror effect with Chalk Couture transfers!

Mirror Effect with Chalk Couture Transfers

So now I would like to teach you how you can create a mirror effect with Chalk Couture transfers. This will come in handy when you need to put some words on the back of some glass or when you just want to change up the way a design fits.

  • First you will want to mark the back of the backer paper on your transfer so you know which side to place the transfer back on when you are finished.
  • Next you will peel the transfer off of the backing and fuzz it. I usually fuzz on a fuzzing cloth but if you don’t have one you can always use a towel or even your tshirt.
  • Now lay the transfer down on the surface with the sticky side facing up. Using a little placement tape stick the transfer down where you would like it.
  • Hold the transfer in place a bit and smear the Chalkology paste over the screened in area. I like to start on the outside edge and pull in to the middle as I make my way around the transfer. This helps prevent the paste from bleeding out around the edges.
  • Now just carefully peel the placement tape up and then lift your transfer off the surface to reveal your mirror effect with Chalk Couture transfers.
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