Chalk couture ink on cushions

It has taken me awhile to truly dig in to Chalk Couture Ink but I have to say I am super excited with how easy and fun this ink is! I have personally created a lot of fun home decor with Chalk Couture pastes and surfaces and the ink is really just as easy to use. Come see how to decorate your cushions with Chalk Couture ink.

My very first Chalk Couture ink project was a t shirt it turned out fabulous and I got a lot of compliments. Next I decided to try ink on a canvas and I was so happy with the results. You can learn more about that right here. Then I did some pillow cases for my kids and myself you can learn how I did those here.

Then I decided I really needed to give full size couch cushions a try so I could liven up my couch and love seat a bit. I already had a couple throw pillows for my living room so I decided to update my cushions with Chalk Couture ink. I was a little unsure how well this would work since I could only flatten the cushion so much without taking the filler out. But to my delight it turned out beautifully!

Steps to Updating Cushions with Chalk Couture Ink

Gather your products

For this project you will require:

  1. Chalk Couture transfer of your choice. Click here to choose one.
  2. Chalk Couture Ink in colors of choice. Click here to see which colours are available.
  3. Chalk Couture Small Squeegee. Found right here.
  4. Cushions; either some you already own or pick some up on Amazon.
  5. An iron or heat press to heat set the ink.
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Now let’s get started designing cushions with Chalk Couture Ink.

Get Inking

  1. Peel your Chalk Couture transfer off of the backing it comes on and position it on the cushion where desired. Usually, you would fuzz the transfer but because we are making fabric cushions with Chalk Couture ink we can skip fuzzing a stick it directly to the cushion.
  2. Now open your Chalk Couture Ink and get your squeegee. Smear the Ink over the entire screen part of the transfer. It is best to smear in only one direction to avoid running under the transfer.
  3. Once you have covered the entire area with ink, gently peel the transfer up and wash the ink off of the transfer. Place the transfer sticky side up to dry.
  4. Take a blow dryer and dry the ink on your cushion or leave sit for 12-24 hours.
  5. Once the ink is completely dry take a piece of parchment paper and lay over the design and then use your iron to heat set the ink. This will take only a few minutes of heat for it to become permanent.

Now you should have beautifully personalized cushions with Chalk Couture ink. And I’m sure you will be ready to start your next project! Great news is you can reuse your Chalk Couture transfer to create many more amazing projects! So go ahead and create or go check out my online store and choose your next design!! Click here to shop now!

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Cushions with Chalk Couture Ink