I love Chalk Couture Chalkology Paste and I kind of like to put it everywhere!! The Chickens transfer is one of my absolute favourites and I may have gotten a little carried away with how many places I used it. But, and this is probably my favourite part, I can just wipe those chickens off any surface and start over again!! Check out how easy it is to remove Chalk Couture paste from surfaces.

Remove Chalk Couture Paste

When it comes time to change up your chalk board or surface the beauty of Chalkology paste becomes so apparent. You can easily remove Chalk Couture paste from surfaces by following these easy steps.

First step is to lightly spritz some water over the entire surface. I keep a small spray bottle on hand that I picked up at the local dollar store. Let the water sit on the chalk paste for 2-5 minutes.

Next take a microfibre cloth, I really like the fuzzying cloth from Chalk Couture, one side is a nice microfibre for cleaning the board and the other side is perfect for fuzzying your transfer. (You can find the cloth here) Use the cloth to gently wipe away the chalk paste.

You may find once you remove the chalk paste that a small shadow is left behind. This ghosting is easily removed with the Chalk Couture board eraser. Just wet the eraser with a small amount of water and wipe away the ghosting. And that’s it! That is all you need to do to remove chalk paste from surfaces, pretty easy right?

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