Try Chalk Couture

So you want to try Chalk Couture but, you are not ready to purchase a big kit or host a class? Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to try it out on a smaller scale! Well you are in luck! I am offering you the chance to try Chalk Couture with a Try It Kit!!

Try Chalk Couture

What comes in your Try It Kit?

Your kit contains

1 Chalk Couture Tag

1 mini squeegee

1 Chalk Paste single use packet

1 small Chalk Couture Transfer 


As well as detailed instructions on completing your Chalk Couture project  this sweet little kit is delivered quickly and right to your door!! Don’t wait! Go on a grab your very own Try It kit! Click here to grab yours now! 



Once your sample kit arrives, follow the instructions included, then post your results on our Facebook page. I love to see what everyone is creating!! And you never know there may just be some prizes!! 

Click here to contact me for details on getting your Try It Kit!



More to Try at Chalk Couture

Ready to try Chalk Couture in a bit bigger scale? Check out the newly release Try Me Kits from Chalk Couture. These kits come with everything you will need to create your first Chalk Couture project. Each Try Me Kit comes with an “A” sized transfer, a 5×7 surface, 2 coordinating single use Chalk Pastes and mini squeegee. All of this delivered right to your door or send one to a friend as a fun and thoughtful gift. Learn more about Chalk Couture Try Me kits here.

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If you are looking for more information on Chalk Couture products or Chalk Couture business opportunity contact me today! Let’s talk Chalk!!


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