Ways to Sell Chalk Couture in Canada

Chalk Couture is the hottest new trend in DIY home decor that has been sweeping through Canada Since the spring if 2019!! If you are not part of this great craft business, what is stopping you?

There are so many ways to sell Chalk Couture in Canada! And if you are not ready to build a full time income or part time side gig with Chalk Couture then you can always become a designer to just enjoy the 40% discount on all your purchases!!

However, if you are ready to take your craft habit to the next level then here are just a few ways you can sell Chalk Couture.

3 Ways to Sell Chalk Couture in Canada

Make ‘n Take Classes

I think the first and likely one of the most popular ways to sell Chalk Couture in Canada would be with Make ‘n Take Classes. Hosting a Make ‘n Take class is simple, fun and so rewarding. Start be inviting a few friends and family over to your house, I would recommend 6-10 people. This is a manageable  number to start with when you are just beginning.

Choose a couple transfers and surfaces to offer each person. Some people find it easier to have just one transfer and one surface to offer and have everyone do the same piece the first time around. This is all personal preference, if you feel like you are able to offer more variety and still offer quality help that is just fine.

Set up your Chalk Couture project and demonstrate to other how easy the product is to use. Make sure to show everyone how you can wipe the surface clean and start over as well. This is really the wow factor that everyone loves with Chalk Couture.

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Local Vendor Markets

One of my favorite ways to sell Chalk Couture in Canada is at local markets. I can’t wait to set up a nice table to display all the beautiful DIY projects that can be created using Chalk Couture products. As well as offering a place to browse products I will also set up a side table where people can create their very own little Chalk Couture masterpieces.

I think the cute little Chalkable Chips will be perfect to offer up. And again it is fun to show people how to wipe the Chalkology paste right off the surface and do it all over again! Letting everyone try out the products gives them the opportunity to see just how easy Chalk Couture is.

Online and Social MediaWays To Sell Chalk Couture

Another one of the great ways to sell Chalk Couture in Canada is through social media. Facebook groups, Pinterest boards, Instagram and so many more fun places to share your Chalk Couture products with potential customers.

When implemented properly social media can be a great sales funnel. By sending people directly to your Chalk Couture replicated website they can purchase and have products shipped directly to them.

This is a great way to extend your reach out further. Our Chalk Couture team offers pretty amazing social media training to help you make the most of your online selling. If you are looking for a fun and supportive sponsor click here to join us now!

These are just a few ways to sell Chalk Couture in Canada or really anywhere Chalk Couture is available. Don’t be afraid to get really creative when you are selling Chalk Couture!

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This is the best part about direct sales! You have the ability to design the business you love and do things your own way! There are so many fun and creative ways to share these craft products with the world! Comment below and  share your favourite ways to sell products. We can all help each other be successful!! Find out what is included in the latest Chalk Couture Starter Kits here.

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