Chalk couture paste

What is Chalk Couture Paste? It is a specially designed chalk paste formulated to use with all Chalk Transfers and Chalk Couture surfaces. It is non toxic but still best to keep away from pets and supervise any littles who are crafting with you. And although I am certain this doesn’t really need to be said, don’t eat your Chalk Couture Paste. It’s really meant for creating beautiful decor not for snacking.

I have personally had kids as young as 1.5 years old creating fun projects with Chalk Couture paste and supplies. It really is fun and so super easy to use for any age and kids just love to be creative.

Check out a few of my favourite projects I have created using Chalk Paste:

*Chalk Couture Noodle Boards

*Chalk Couture Farmhouse signs

*Fathers Day Bottle openers

*Porch signs with Chalk Couture

So what is Chalk Couture paste?

It is fun, creative chalk based paste you can use to create so many different projects. Chalk paste can be used on wood, glass, fabric or just about any surface you can think of. It gives you the freedom to be creative along with the ability to remove any mistakes or just remove and redo any chalk board creations.

When you use Chalk Couture paste on a chalkboard or a washable surface such as glass or stainless steel (yes it is completely safe to chalk right on your kitchen appliances!!) it will dry and harden to become semi permanent.

So you can create a cool chalkart design and if your kids, pets or hubby come along and run their little paws across it, the chalk paste will stay put! But when you decide it is time to change up your decor just spritz the chalk paste with a little water and watch it wash away. Pretty amazing right? Now you know what is Chalk Couture paste.

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How many Chalkology Paste Colors are Available?

Chalk Couture loves to keep customers happy! Which is why you will find 41 Chalkology Paste colors as well as bonus seasonal colours made available for limited times. You can order your colours in a 3 oz container or in 12 single use packages. The single use packs are a great addition to make and take nights! Everyone gets their own color pack and no one misses out!

Chalk Couture is always striving to keep chalk paste colours up to date. So once or twice a year (sometimes more often) they roll out new on-trend colours to keep up with your home decor changes.  Jump on my newsletter to keep up to date on when new chalk paste colors are released! Click here to sign up!

Chalk Couture Ink Canada

How to Use Chalkology Paste

Chalkology Paste is so easy to use, just pick a transfer and a surface, like a chalkboard or glass, and spread the paste over the transfer. Scrape off any excess Chalk paste and place it back in your container. That’s it! It is quick, easy and washable!! What more could you possibly ask for?

Later if you decide you want to change your Chalk Couture design just spritz the chalk paste with a little water and wash it away  if you happen to see a little ghosting on your surface after you have cleaned it well try a Chalk Couture board eraser to clean that right off.

Where to Buy Chalkology Paste in Canada?

Now that we have answered the big question, what is Chalk Couture Paste, the next big question is “how do I get my hands on It?” There are many ways to buy chalkology paste in Canada but I will share these three with you:

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1. Buy directly from the website click here to shop online and have delivered directly to your door!!

2. Find a designer and shop their product selection or check out the catalogue and place an order. Click here to contact me for a catalogue or help ordering!

3. Join Chalk Couture and shop for all your chalk supplies at designer pricing. Click here to see how to join Chalk Couture.

Are you loving all these Chalk Couture products? Click here to have a Chalk Couture catalog delivered to your inbox! What is Chalk Couture paste

What is chalk couture paste