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So what is Chalk Couture? Well first let me tell you, my family is full of creative people, one sister can create anything with some yarn and a crotchet hook and my other sister is a talented hair stylist and so artistic. I have always felt a little left out because I feel like I missed out on the creative gene. I have great visions in my head  but things never turn out how I think it should.

Having Chalk Couture in Canada is going to change that! What is Chalk Couture? It is a revolutionary new DIY home decor product, that is making its way to Canada this Spring! It is fun, easy to use reusable silk screen transfers. From letters to amazing images and phrases, there is something for everyone!

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Now with Chalk Couture transfers I feel like I will be able to create many beautiful pieces! From decorative chalk boards to personalized pillows, with these products you can create pretty much anything. And everything comes out looking professionally done! So just how easy is it? It’s really very simple!

1. First you will need to choose the surface you would like to chalk on. Chalk Couture offers many chalk ready surfaces that are best for Chalkology Paste and Chalkology Inks. You can also use Chalk Couture products with many other surfaces, just be sure to properly prep for best results.

2. This next step is where the fun really begins. Choose a Chalk Couture transfer. We have so many exclusive designs you will have no trouble finding a new one you love for every occasion!

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Chalk Couture Canada

3. Now pick your favourite Chalkology Paste colors. You can choose one colour or you can even layer different colors for a more detailed project.

4. Once you have applied your transfer and Chalkology paste to your surface you can carefully remove the transfer. Place it back on the backing so you can reuse it another day.

That’s it! Now that Chalk Couture is officially available in Canada we can chalk to our hearts content!! Want to chalk with me? Message me and let’s talk Chalk!!.

Think you love Chalk Couture as much as I do? If you think this is something you will use and love, come join Chalk Couture and get 40% off all your purchases all while building an amazing business for yourself. Because of my Chalk Couture business I Chalk for free!! Ready to join?  Click here to jump in.

What is Chalk Couture?

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What is chalk couture