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So you are a Chalk Couture Designer!! You bit the bullet and joined this fast moving company and now you are waiting for all your Chalk goodies to arrive! The excitement is huge and you need to funnel that excitement somewhere productive!! So here are 10 things you can do while you wait for your Chalk Couture business kit.

Waiting for your Chalk Couture business kit

1. Get in contact with your sponsor!

If you have joined our team you can message me here to connect if we haven’t yet! Your sponsor will be your mentor so you want to build a relationship and get to know each other. Also, your sponsor may have more tips to successfully launch your business.

2. Set up on social media.

And decide which social media platforms you want to be found on. I started with Instagram (you can find me here) and Facebook (follow me here). And of course my absolute favorite platform is Pinterest! Pinterest is a great funnel for any direct sales consultant. Click here to follow me. *Bonus – our team has its own social media training including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and BUSINESS tools!! If you are still looking for a team to join click here to become a part of our team!

3. Join the corporate Facebook group.

When you become a designer you will receive an email from Chalk Couture with the link to the corporate group. This is a great place to get to know the company and to stay up to date on all things Chalk Couture, direct from the source. Also join your uplines group. We have a very helpful and supportive Facebook community make sure you are in there!

4.Start creating graphics

Make graphics for all your social media platforms. And start posting consistently to those places. Keep in mind no one wants to see just advertisements. Share techniques, tips and creative ways to use Chalk Couture. Let the people who are following you learn who you are by sharing small personal stories. Create a personal brand that will make you recognizable across all social media platforms.

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5. Gather supplies

Get some basic supplies for creating how to videos and taking nice pictures of your own creations. This will help you really make those social media pictures pop! I love hitting up garage sales, auctions and of course Micheals for great surfaces to chalk.

6. Watch for neat things

Keep your eye open for interesting decor that you could chalk on. Barn wood, old windows maybe an old globe. So many great out of the box, chalk surfaces that your customers will love! If you start looking now you will have plenty to choose from when your Chalk Couture designer kit arrives.

7. Talk to an accountant

Set up some systems to track sales and customers. It is a great idea to have all your book keeping in order before you start selling. Keep track of income and expenses now makes for any easier tax time. But it’s not just the financial part of your business you want to track. You will want to have a way to track customers for follow up and so you don’t miss anyone.

8. Set your goals!

Having goals keep you moving in the right direction and reach for those big scary dream goals! Be specific when you are setting goals and write them down  how much do you really want to earn? How many Chalk Couture classes or parties do you want to book every week or month? How big of a team do you want to grow and how many do you want to personally sponsor in a month? The more specific and detailed your goals are the more successful you will be.

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9. Start booking classes and finding hostess.

Chalk Couture business kit

Start with a planning a launch party, decide who you will invite and what kind of party you will have. While you wait for your Chalk Couture business kit you will have plenty of time to build the best launch party. Do you want to have your launch party online and share the products? Do you want to do it in your home and give your friends and family the opportunity to try out the products? Once you have your launch party details nailed down you can move on to finding some people to host classes with you.

10. Set up an online launch party

You may not have products in hand but you do have the ability to sell direct from your website or even take preorders. So set up a Facebook launch party and start selling. While you wait for your Chalk Couture business kit hosting a Facebook party will help create sales as well as bookings for future classes.

Are you already Chalk Couture designer? Comment below with how you are preparing while you wait for your Chalk Couture business kit!

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